Best Woods For Furniture

Wood is the basic aspect of furniture. When it comes to quality, it is the texture of the wood that you chiefly need to check. Like every other thing, wood too has a basic identity attached to it. Based on the woods’ quality, the life of every furniture piece extends over a period of time. The following is a list of woods that are commonly used to make furniture in America.


Best Woods For Furniture Cherry – being one of the most valuable and sturdy hardwoods, cherry is often used to make beds and durable cabinets. Cherry wood is the most popular for its fine texture and attractive grain. Being dense in texture, cherry wood does not require a filler. It is available in different colors ranging from light brown to dark reddish brown.

Elm – elm is a rare hardwood found only in specific areas. The texture of this wood too is fine and dense. Elm wood is highly expensive since it is hardly found. It is highly popular for its excellent flexibility. It comes in dark brown shades which often contain red streaks on them.

Hickory – often used to make items like beds, tables and lawn furniture, hickory is famous for its tensile strength. This wood usually comes in brown and its darker shades. It also contains slight and thin stripes and is extremely heavy.


Cedar – the most common softwood used in making drawers, cupboards and closets is cedar. It is easily available and is also not very expensive. Having a slightly red texture filled with knots and circles, cedar is a strong repellant of insects. Since it is dense and thickly grained, cedar can block insects from coming inside.

Redwood – available in deep reddish brown shades, this softwood is useful because of its tough quality and ability to resist decay. This kind of wood is widely grown in America and its price varies from place to place.

Walnut – this is more of a wood veneer than soft wood. Walnut wood is strikingly beautiful to look at. Though not very durable, walnut wood is very popular among people till today. It comes in chocolate brown colors which often have dark and thin purple streaks on them. Due to its attractive texture, walnut wood is very expensive in the furniture market.

There are several other kinds of softwoods, hardwoods and wood veneers. Many other hardwoods like teak, maple, mahogany and others are highly in demand. They tend to survive the tests of time and hence have huge popularity.

You can access your nearest store and find out all various furniture pieces made of different kinds of woods. Having a large variety; immense popularity and a good reputation, you can trust the these stores  for the quality of the  products. So rush to the closest Look for the best furniture store in your city and find out what a multiple range of products it has for you. Never forget to consult your friends and colleagues and even take online help for finding the same.